Life, Love, and The Shurmurnator

So lets see,

 I started a blog in November, I posted on it once, about how my life is boring blah blah blah, etc etc…

So here it is some three months later, not much has changed in my personal life, It still sucks, I’m currently awaiting for my unit to release me from the National Guard so that I may go active duty.

My kids still live in PA, which, as you might imagine, is sooo awesome </sarcasm>

I’m rocking the single life, “Playing the Field” if you will, who knew “Playing the Field” meant sitting home all day playing X Box 360 with your brother? Interesting…

In other news that doesn’t directly related to me, the Cleveland Browns have fired embattled Head Coach Eric Mangini in favor of Super Bowl winning Head Coach Jon Gruden, I mean…

In favor of Super Bowl contending Head Coach Jon Fox, I mean…

Former Super Bowl winning Head Coach, and Team President Mike Holmgren! Crap…

Former Bills Head Coach Mike Mularky? No.


Pat Shurmur.

I say again, THEN WHO?

Former Offensive Coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, Pat Shurmur.

And I wonder why I don’t blog as much…


~ by TheJStyles on January 17, 2011.

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